Where do you turn for peace?

Dear Family and Friends,

This has been an exciting week! We did a lot of cool stuff and enjoy the time here! That doesn’t mean, that we realaxed or mission is easy. In fact the mission is very hard, but we are here not for vacation or to take rest. Every day is filled with meetings with people who want to know more about the Book of Mormon, about the Church, we help people in gardens, cleaning up. We visit with church members to give them something to eat, spiritualy. Every day, we are here for the people here and that is beautiful. We are represents of Jesus Christ and we do what he commanded us to do:

“…wherefore, follow me, and do the things which ye have seen me do.”
2 Nephi 31:12

Some pictures of this week:








Even though of our good time here, I got sick, a week ago (and yeah I’m already fine again 🙂 ). It was because of stress, weather change and somehow also a lack of eating healthy. Frequently prayers to my Heavenly Father helped me to overcome this time and to again see how blessed we are here. It is dangerous in times of discouragnes, demotivation, even tiredness to look down and complain about your circumstances. Looking up to our loving Heavenly Father and faithfully doing everything that I possibly can, helps me finally to get up and to smile again.

I just thought about how cool that is, that we can just turn to someone, when we are having a hard time! We don’t need a phone, nor money, or anything to get in contact with God. What we promise to people every day here is, that they can find true peace and happyness, just by faithfully turning to God.

Do you need someone to lift your heart, to give you comfort in a hard time? Call him up!
Elder Drewlow

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