Welcome to Chernigov!

Hello 🙂 I moved to another city in Ukraine, Chernigov. It is one of the oldest cities here in Ukraine. I really like how quite it is and how much nature there is all around. I am excited to work here and to serve the people here. They are reall friendly and open. Last week was little bit crowded with finishing up stuff, moving etc. but I am so happy to be in such a beautiful city like this.

I know that here I am supposed to be. We are here to inivte other people to come unto Jesus and to help them receiving the fullness of the blessings of His teachings. He is your best friend. When we do what He expects from us, we can be sure, that he is near us and helps us, when we really need it. It is a wonderful privilege to wear His name all day and to represent Him in this part of the world. I can promise you, that He truly loves each one of us and cares about us every day. Hearing from the war in the east, we are pondering within ourselves; What does Jesus think about the war? Is He worried that they fight? Or is He worried that they hate each other? Let our hearts be filled with pure love torwards each other. Let us forgive each other fast, without holding any grutches. That will bring so much light and comfort to our lives, more than anything else!

Here is the church building of Chernigov 🙂
Chernigov is a 2 hours bus ride away from Kyiv.
THis is really different from being in a big city for more than half a year.
garbage car
My new companion from America 😀

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