Hello Dear Friends!

We safetly arrived here in Ukraine and working hard here!
The first two days we have been in Kiev for Missionary Training and we met our new Companions 🙂
Elder Hinkson and me in front of the Kiev Temple.


On the transfer from all new missionaries (18) my backpack with all my important stuff (including camera) got lost, btw. the Taxi driver who drove the Sister Missionaries to another part of Kiev took the backpack accidently. On Thursday we have again Missionary Training in Kiev an I will get my stuff back wuhuu! So this pictures in this post here were taken with the camera from my companion. Thank you Elder Hinkson! 😀
On Sunday we had a baptism from a young man called Игорь 🙂 He is 24 and a really cool guy! Today in the morning we went jogging with him.


On Sunday night we were invited to a members house by an older lady. She is so nice! She is poor, but served us delicious homemade tea and omelette 🙂


Today we have been to the famous market in Odessa called южный рынок! It was amazing and it’s huge! We bought a lot of fruits, vegetables, cheese and meat. The best thing: you can try everything! The people are so nice to talk with and were very happy to see us 😀
At home I made a delicous lunch out of the stuff I bought:


Elder Hinkson showed me a fine ukrainian omelette mit cheese 🙂


With that good food I’ll probably survive here 😉 The time here is so great! Missiony work is very hard and every night we are so tired, but what I feel when talking to the people is amazing! Every day I feel, that God loves all his children, even they don’t believe him or reject us. The people here are very open and like to talk about God and life. Compared to my companion my russian is terrible, but I progress very fast.
Here is something I taped for you today afternoon:


And yeah, right now I’m serving in Odessa, the most awesome city here in the Ukraine!
This is the train station right next to our house. I’m looking forward to take more pictures for next monday! 😉

The two years before me just began and every day is getting more intense!
See you!

With love,
Elder Drewlow

PS: if you have any questions or thoughts write me a mail or comment! I would love to answer them!

2 Thoughts.

  1. Hallo mei Bruder
    Hofentlich bist du sehr gut
    Dort ist gut Ufer nich
    Weist du ich habe mehr deuetsche
    Und ich wonsche vor der sehr schonen tag
    Und wen hast du meine SMSgesehe schreib bitte egen Etwas

    • Hoi Abdul mein Freund 😀
      Mir geht es gut ja, dass sieht man hoffentlich!
      Freue mich dein Deutsch zu hoeren, wenn ich zurueck komme.
      Ich habe mein Telefon nicht mit auf Mission genommen. Ich schreibe dir einfach eine E-Mail 😉

      Wir sehn uns!
      Elder Drewlow

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