Bycicle tour season officially started

Booom!!! Working on school stuff at the laptop suddenly a little message popped up. I read: “29 minutes until sunset” and I said: “Still enough time for a bycicle tour!”

So the first time this year I got in my bike shorts and jumped on my bycicle! (Obviously I rode my bycicle for shorter rides before, to go to the main station, the grocery store or church, but without shorts and not with the aim to JUST RIDE AND ENJOY!!)

Although my ride only lasted for 25 minutes, I enjoyed it a lot, got a lot of fresh air and catched a magical view on the sunset 🙂

(Wooop wooop this is the first article I published from my mobile phone). 😀

Changing colors

It has been a busy last couple of months and I missed it to share some pictures / experiences here. I moved to Zurich, I started my bachelor studies about Medicine Informatics in Biel and even was able to go to Ukraine for a short weekend. Despite the stress of preparing for exams every other week, I enjoy studying again a lot. Here some shots from last couple of weeks:

Burning horizon above Zurich


Nature changing its dress 🙂


Sunrise in Biel


I had to travel to Ukraine to experience “real” snow. In Switzerland the snow had melted away very fast. I was asked by a Swiss company to go and visit a partner and see how they are doing. It was great to meet up with some friends! Sad that I was able to stay there only stay for two nights. 🙁


A picture after riding a night train for six hours, pretty much sleepless, very loud, in a shaking bed. It was only a foretaste of the following night for my ride back to Kyiv…


I might write a separate post about what I actually did in Ukraine. For now I tell you that I was able to see 70’000 sleeping bees 😀

Enjoy the weather !

Brennender Horizont und weisse Streifen

Ich wollte nur mal kurz schauen, ob es einen klaren Himmel hat, um später Sternschnuppen vom Perseiden-Strom zu schauen. Da sah ich, wie überwältigend schön die Sonne gerade beim Pfäffikersee unterging:

Ca 2 Stunden später hockte ich mit meiner Mutter auf einem höheren Sandhügel und glotzten in den Nachthimmel und warteten auf eine Sternschnuppe. Die ganze Zeit machte ich Fotos, damit die Chance grösser wurde, eine Sternschnuppe einzufangen. Die Fotos belichtete ich immer 30 Sekunden.

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