Spiritual Nourishment

Hello dear friends there in Switzerland or wherever you are right now!
This week I wanted to share with you my thoughts about spiritual nourishment.

More than ever before I realized how important spiritual nourishment for our soul is. I recently thought more about the connection between our body . The importance of food for our body we see in the fact, that we take it to us three times a day! In the last couple of months I realized how important good food for my body is to increase my performance, to sleep better and to feel more energized. I thought about that more and realized that spiritual nourishment is really really important for our spirit, because based on our spiritual welfare we feel different, react different, make decisions, etc.! Continual spiritual nourishment helps me to keep my mind clear for the promptings of the Holy Ghost and always have hope, charity and happiness in my heart 🙂

Jesus Christ gave us a perfect example, how we can have a clean spirit and be cheerfully watching to the glory of God all the time. Soon I will be on a mission for a half of a year now. That’s crazy! The time here passes so fast, but it’s amazing! Mission is a great school for learning basic principles to be a better follower of Jesus Christ and to praise God in all our acts, thoughts and doings. Great is, that we are able to better communicate with people now, we better can express our feelings, thoughts etc. That’s indescribable wonderful and touches other peoples heart every day!

My mother and I wanted to make a little experiment this week, in relation to spiritual nourishment. Every day, before and after each meal we also want to eat something spiritually, each time at least 5 min. Read a conference talk, study scriptures, study Liahona, watch a mormon message/bible video, just do something that makes you feel the Holy Ghost. I invite all of you to try it out and if you do so, please report me in an email or in comments! That will be exciting!

It’s really important that we set goals all the time and trying to accomplish them with all our effort! Once we reached that goals, set new ones and KEEP RUNNING!

Here some picture from this week:

Port of Odessa






Picture from a part from the big market in Odessa, called Privoz the market is much bigger, but that’s the only picture I took.


Picture from an activity at the church, ukrainians are masters in creating spontanons and funny activities! 😀


Have a great time and MAKE THE BEST WITH IT! and especially, enjoy Switzerland! 😉

Elder Drewlow

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