Getting to know a revolutionary personality like Albert Einstein

Recently I saw an advertisement in a Swiss traveling magazine (Via from Sbb) about a museum of the life of Albert Einstein. He was born near Frankfurt, Germany and came to Switzerland due studies at Universities. Of course while studying mathematics and, geometry and physics, you hear and often hear about him and his revolutionary, crazy ideas and inventions.


He is for me a great personality because of his creative way of thinking and complex perspective of things with the eye of a physician. He is a guy that thinks out of the box. And think I really like is the story when he proved so wisely to a professor that he cannot deny a higher being like God. There are many other famous quotes that make him to an interesting personality.

🙂 So I called up a friend and together we visited the “Einstein Museum” in the historical museum of Bern yesterday afternoon. And of course we looked a little bit at the beautiful site of this city. The museum is here:





What a pleasure it was to get to know him better, his family and what especially made him so famous. Did you know for example that he is a father of three children? That he fled from a KZ in Germany? That he earned money in his twenties in Zurich giving private math and physics lessons?



Don’t worry, I won’t spoiler you all the interesting information, because you should go by yourself! But I think it is appropriate to note here, that we spent there about two hours until they closed the museum… we could have been there two more! 😀


Revolutionary thinking & acting

What makes me so marvelous about him, is what he made with his genius talent. A little bit funny is that he didn’t follow a strict way of learning or education, in fact he didn’t like school and often would skip classes. But if you think he skipped school to be lazy or enjoy free time or something, you are mistaken! He would take things apart, study their functionality, calculate their math and physics behind it and even build his own thing. When he went to high school with 17 years, he actually was the youngest fellow there and finished with outstanding marks!

Psalms 111:3,4

Better than grumbling about the weather

People not living in north Switzerland might have troubles understanding this situation 😛 The weather in the last couple of weeks is really messed up. Weather forecasts telling you that there is rain all week and a day can be like: raining cats and dogs in the morning, at lunch it is sunny and too warm to wear a jacket, in the evening it rains again…


Today I decided to find another geocache that is near our living place. Geocaching is the most popular puzzle game in nature, I started with this some years ago (sorry I still wrote in German back then). Looking at the description, I thought that should be a simple one. So I invited my mum to join me.

The location of the cache we found pretty fast and I was able to see him up in the trees. Trying to get TO the cache was another thing. “We ought NOT to climb, but to find a tool”, it said in the description. Out of the blue it started pouring. In a matter of seconds we were drenched with water! We tried hiding in the bushes, but it was kinda late 😀


Finally I found a stick and was able to get the cache. Unfortunately there was a more clever construction behind it than I expected. You would just need to pull down the cache, log your visit and it goes up again by itself. I took out the whole thing :-/ Next challenge: Getting the cache back into it’s position.


I ended up climbing up the tree without my shoes… WHATEVER you don’t have not to climb!

The whole thing was so funny because today in the morning I was depressed because of the weather. Not again! We already had enough rain this week! I’m glad I did not stay at home and just grumble about it. Making the best out of a terrible situation was easier than I thought!


Link to the cache: fjordeWetzikon #2 ChÀmtnerbach

Swiss mountain brother hike

Our parents had the most genius idea ever! Going on vacation a week before Christmas. Escaping the Christmas shopping stress. My older brother and I wanted to go on a hike. While I needed to prepare for a military march in January we decided to choose a more difficult trail and sleep in a CAS (Club Alpin Suisse, they are open all year and very cheap!) hut up in the mountains. Our goal was to reach Capanna Campo Tencia, near Faido before sunset…


We ended up hiking 31 km, 12 hours, and going up 2000 m.

Map, sleeping bag, gloves, snow gaiters, camera, tripod, shoes, hat, food, … my backpack:


Our journey started in Ambri, about 15km away from the Italian borders. As you can see it was going up really steep already in the beginning. Here 600 m:


Later on we also had more difficult parts like this “wall” here. We almost had to climb. Luckily we “only” had to go to the right and not move up too much (see at the picture).


We walked by a beautiful, frozen lake (Lago Tremorgio, 1770 m a.s.l.). It made funny noises just by itself (from breaking ice layers) and was even more amusing when we threw some big rocks on the surface. (It sounded like the groaning of a whale) 😀


Having a small break at 2138 m above sea level at Passo Venett:


Frozen lake with snow on it, Laghetto Campolungo, 2260 m a.s.l. In the picture below we were standing in the middle of the lake:


Suddenly at around five o’clock the sun was going down, very beautiful but I thought very dangerous. It gets dark really fast we soon we needed to put our head lights on. We were about 2 hours behind our schedule and knew that we were still far away from the hut. Until now were hiking in a more calm pace and then started to walk with a more determined speed, afraid of loosing orientation.


This picture was taken before reaching a side hill of Pizzo Lei di Cima (at 2480 m a.s.l.). It was getting dark.



As long as the moon was in our sight, we were able to see where it was going, but soon it was covered by a thick layer of clouds. In the midst of darkness and weary leg muscles we lost our path. We had lost track of the trail signals, painted on the stones. Instead of moving slowly and try to find back to the path we almost ran down to where we thought it was the right direction. We ended up having to  to walk 2 hours back up the mountain and look for the signals again!!img_4950

At 21:02, about three hours behind schedule we found the hut. We had water, a fire place, a kitchen to prepare our food and comfortable matresses to sleep on. We made it!!


My brother (right) and me before the hut the next morning:


Hiking down the next day we saw the hut from the opposite site where we have come from the night before:


Ice in the ground. Never seen that before and looked so gorgeous!


Below snow line again. It was getting warmer but still cold enough to freeze a little stream that was going down the path here.


It was a marvelous experience hiking up in the mountains like that. My first experience so far in a setting like this. We are looking forward to more stuff like that!

Besuch bei der Urania-Sternwarte ZĂŒrich

Bevor ich schon bald fĂŒr zwei Jahre in die Ukraine verreise, wollte ich noch unbedingt in diese Sternwarte. An diesem (fast) wolkenfreien Freitag Abend haben meine Freundin und ich die Sternwarte besucht 🙂

GemĂ€ss Tipp auf der Homepage war ich fĂŒr die Tickets schon eine halbe Stunde frĂŒher dort. FĂŒr die öffentliche FĂŒhrung werden 50 Leute rein gelassen. Das Wetter war phĂ€nomenal und weil so viele Besucher angelockt wurden, gabe es einige, die nicht mehr reindurften. Eintritt Erwachsene: 15 Franken.

Nur noch ein paar Wölkli störten den Nachthimmel. FĂŒr eine Sternwarten-FĂŒhrung passte das Wetter perfekt! 🙂 Wir waren schon ganz gespannt!
Mit den 50 Leuten, die sich in der kleinen Kuppel um das Teleskop drĂ€ngelten war es etwas eng. Ringsum den Turm gab es noch vier Balkone, auf denen man ab und zu mal nach Luft schnappen konnte. Die Aussicht auf die Stadt ZĂŒrich in der AbenddĂ€mmerung war umwerfend!

Das Teleskop ist durch ein Holzdach geschĂŒtzt, welches bei Betrieb um einen kleinen Spalt geöffnet wird. Das Teleskop ist in alle Himmelsrichtungen schwenkbar, auch senkrecht. Dreht man das Teleskop, muss das Dach auch verschoben werden. Das war immer ganz lustig, weil es so aussah, als drehe sich der ganze Turm.
Da sich unser Nachthimmel dreht (weil unsere Erde sich dreht), gibt es am Teleskop einen kleinen Motor, der das Teleskop unmerklich mitdreht. Im Hintergrund war immer so ein leises Surren zu hören.
Das “grosse Teleskop” besteht aus drei Teleskopen mit drei verschiedenen VergrĂ¶ĂŸerungen. Die zwei kleineren Teleskope werden vorwiegend dazu verwendet, um ein Objekt zu suchen. Das Grosse zum betrachten. Der Moderator stellte immer das Teleskop auf ein Objekt ein und die Besucher konnten dann nacheinander, hier den Mond, betrachten.

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