Life is amazing here!

Hello my dear friends!

This week was just amazing! I really start to love this place. The people, the culture, the language everything is just so great! Even the people down here in Odessa are very poor, they now, how to make it the best and be happy 🙂
Beside the рынок there is a nice little bakery where they have this special oven for making лаваш (soft, thin flat bread of Armenian origin, popular in the Caucasus, Iran, and Turkey). I asked them, if I can take a picture and it was nice to see, how they really love, what they are doing.



inside, the bread is holding on a little iron stick


Two days I was on an exchange (where you temporarly switch companion) and I took this wonderful shot in the morning, ca. 8 o’clock


On this day something very cool happened. Circa 19:30, after a lesson with a non-member, it’s already dark, we are out contacting (talking to people on the street). In contacting it’s very important, that we listen closely to the Holy Ghost and act on his promptings. We walked, I saw a a young man, which was staying on the side walk with a dog. There were other people walking toward us, but I had the feeling to talk to him. He is very open, very interested about the Church, the Book of Mormon, but has to go(is on a trip with his family to somewhere, they were waiting in the car). We get his number and continue walking. Suddenly a passengers walks quickly from the left, coming from the other side of the street. The Spirit tells me “talk to him!”. I thought, that he probably wouldn’t stop, but I walked up to him and start talking. He stops and after like two minutes he is responding back very fast, so I understood nothing. It seemed like he wanted to walk and I thought, “oh no, he wants to go”. But I felt I should ask him again, what he meant and in his answer I heard “прихадите!”, which means “come”. I thought “oh, good I asked again” and walked with my companion with him. He introduced as to a middle old man, which name is Андрей. He loves to read in the bible and think about God. With him we have a great discussion and we shortly share the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. He is a very humble person and very happy to talk with us. We had to go, because he had to work on the market. On the same evening we meet him at his car (he lives there with his friend, during he is working on the market for couple of days). Wow it was just great to talk to him and share our message. When I looked into his eyes and testified, that I found out for myself, that this is the only church of God I felt a powerful and warm feeling in my heart. I felt, that God really wanted, that this man receive the fullness of the Gospel. On our next meeting we found out, that he is from the Jehovah Witnesses and sometimes tried to disprove us. My testimony about my answers I received in my prayers, can no one disprove. We explained him, how everyone can find out through prayer, when he really wants to. On Sunday, he showed up in our church. He must felt something. When I saw him, I just felt so happy. For him. And I thought back on the story… wow

Dear Friends! With all my heart I know, that the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints is the only church of God. How I found it out? Well I grew up in it, but than. Some day. I really started to build a relationship with God, in prayer. That was amazing! Imagine talking to your dad, that really really loves you after many years! There is a God somewhere out there, our Heavenly Father and and he really cares for his children! I don’t write this, because I want to make commercial or something for our church. I write this, because I’m rejoicing in the knowledge I gained. I hope that at least someone of you felt something, when he was reading this. I feel this every day and it is wonderful!

Ok, some more pictures 😉
old train station


how I keep my study place organized 😀


we had this Saturday a baptism in our branch an after it we had a really nice “Pancake Night” with lots of people from multiple branches


My companion and me jogging with a friend on 6 o’clock in the morning :O



I enjoy the time here in Odessa. I heard some rumors about what is going on in Kiev. Well, here everything is peaceful 🙂 more or less…

Can someone send me some nice snow pictures from Switzerland? 😀
I love you all and wish you a great week!

Elder Drewlow

PS: Don’t be to stressed for Christmas! It’s important to show love, not money 😉

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