Just make it amazing!

Hello dear family and friends! This week was crazy pants!
Past crazy fast and was crazy awesome! 😀

Oh and from the head image you probably see, here is some snow coming down. Well, Snow is not the right word. First it was raining, even tough it was below zero. Over night everything froze and next morning was more like ice skating. A sister broke her back :/ Today the wind is blowing hard and it is snowing sugar or salt; small balls of ice.



I love the weather! It remembers me on the beautiful, snowing days in the Switzerland mountains, so I’m fine 😀

This last week we got a call from a member. A man asked the church for help, because he had a fire in his apartment. At the same day my companion headed over there and helped for two hours. They were very surprised 🙂 On the weekend we helped five more hours and had some great conversations about Ukraine in general, life, family and the word of wisdom (because we don’t drink alcohol, green or black tea, etc.) 🙂



On that same day, Saturday I was on the streets with an other Elder, visiting friends, that are interested in the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Someday in the evening I took a great shot of a grandma, feeding cats in the neighbour hood 🙂


This week we again had a lunch with the whole branch. Ukrainians make the best food in the world! 😀


This week was so amazing! We are giving everything here, just to lift the people up here!
We had an amazing zone conference last week! With my companion we will write down the whole conference (we taped it) and if someone of you is interested, just let me now!

Life is amazing, if you make it amazing! 😉

I love you my friends
Elder Drewlow

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