In the service of our Lord

Dear Friends and Family
Serving in the vineyard if the Lord is an incredible privilege. Every day we bless so many lives. Yes, we change lives. This work is the most glorious from all on this world! Why? Because it’s driven by pure love. I don’t want to be here for myself, I want to be here to bless the peoples life. I want to be here, because I love all children of God. I want to be here, because I know how precious the blessings of Heavenly Father when we truly stand to the Name of Jesus Christ and follow him WITH OUR HEART.

Take some time this week and lift up a friend. Take some time and use your talents to make someone happy. God will bless you with a feeling in your heart, that you will never forget!

Last, but not least; enjoy the beauty God’s glorious works!

Here some pictures from the last weeks.










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