I miss Switzerland!

Hello dear Friends!

I hope everyone back in Switzerland isch gsund und munter and feels happy! I miss Switzerland so much!
Everthing there is just so cute and nice(if your not sure, check out my archive 😉 ). I love to read letters, mails, comments from and about Switzerland and how your life’s are going there 🙂 Enjoy every day!

Here it is going to be dark really early, at around 4 o’clock, the sun is starting to go down. Beautiful scenario 🙂



My companion and me we are eating very healthy. We want to be very effective and fit all the time 😀 We both are very thankful, that fresh food is not so expensive here!


On the left a salad, in the middle our daily breakfast гречка, Buckwheat (delicous!) with eggs


My companion Elder Hinkson and me 🙂




Orthodox church (where the most people here go to)


We had a lot of wonderful experiences this week, how God blessed people, so that we could meet them on the street or in the bus. It is so wonderful to share the gospel here! I am so greatful to have this light in my life and be in a country, where people are searching for truth.
Next week I want to share a really good story with you! My time is over now.. so see you!

Take the life you have in your hand and live it! Be Water & Bread for other people, for this is from where I get all my joy and energy 🙂

All the best

Elder Drewlow

2 Thoughts.

  1. Danke Joshua! Schön von dir zu hören! Mach weiter so!!!!

    Danke auch für deine inspirierten Worte, du bist mir ein richtiges Vorbild!

    Alles Gute dir!

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