God loves all of you!

Hello dear friends!
This week I realized how amazing it is to be on a mission! Every day is full of inspiration and love!
I feel so blessed to walk in the steps of Jesus and lift the people here up. Every day we study the in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it is so wonderful, how infinite and rich it is. When I read about Jesus Christ or watch a video about him, I see this wonderful person, which perfectly applied all those principles and is giving the love of God to the other people. That’s what we are doing here every day in the Ukraine. We invite the people here to listen and see how God really loves them. We believe, that God prepares people and put them in our way. It is so wonderful to see, how this is really happening.

Some pictures 😀
People painting their house to white


Oh their was a funny thing here. Ice cream in tubes(are they called tubes?, I don’t know..)! When my companion bought them, I thought, he buys meat, that was really funny…


For Christmas time, all the missionaries can skype home and talk with their family. That was so nice. One of the most important principles I learned so far from being on a mission, is the family. Oh how much love and joy we can get from a family. A family can be a place, where we learn, how to be more like Christ and love one another with real love.


Today in the morning I met a friend from the MTC! 😀


In Center Odessa theere is a big Christmas market and there were some girls and boys from a dance group 🙂
link to video here.


Here a picture from the south market in Tairova, where our church building from our district is. Talking to people on the market is so great! Maybe I can tape you some stuff, so you get a little bit more than just a picture to imagine 😉


This week I specially realized, how much God loves us. When we live after his commandments he blesses us with peace, joy and love in our hearts. The people here have almost nothing! Oh how wonderful is it then, to have the inexhaustible love of God in their hearts, because it lasts forever. I have a strong testimony, that you can feel this love, when you say a simple prayer to God and just listen.

I’m so happy about all my friends that influenced my life before my mission. You all have been a huge blessing for me and will ever be! Happy to see you soon! Time is running! Make it amazing 😉

Elder Drewlow

P.S. Elder Drewlow was seen in this official video of the church… here a snapshot where he appears

photo - Kopie

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