give your very best!

Dear Family and Friends,

This has been a crazy week! First of all, I AM IN KIEV NOW! πŸ˜€
I guess all of you heard from the news, that the missionaries from Donetsk were sent to other missions all around the world. They were evacuated earlier into our mission because the dangerous situation in Donetsk. Most of em landed in America, for visa reasons. It was amazing to see how fast and wonderful the church handled the situation and worked everything out. Another evidence for me, that this church is lead by inspiration directly from God.

Why am I in Kiev now? Well, one night I get a call and we all find out, what’s gonna happen with us the next 6 weeks. That was last Tuesday. The next day I will go up to Kiev! I was surprised, but not negatively. Instead I felt something of the coolest, I have ever felt before! A calm and powerful confirmation in my heart that I did a great job down here in Odessa, that I gave my best! I felt a hunderdpercent confirmation that I go, where God’s want me to go and where he will use me as an instrument in his hand. Please don’t take that wrong, I don’t write this, because I want to gain impression from you. I tell you this because I learned a great lesson from it! Read on.

good bye Odessa


good bye to good friends, but no worries, we will meet up later πŸ™‚


we drove by bus, which only takes 6 than 9 hours (by train) and enjoyed the nice landscape of Ukraine <3 IMG_9299

The lesson I learned is about giving your very best in the very hour. I wanted to share that with you, because that really motivates me doing this work here and might give you an other view, what we can gain from following the commandments of God. Apparently many people on the streets seem not to understand, what we can actually gain from this gospel and how a strong relationship with our Heavenly Father can really help us in our life. Ok, here is the thing I learned! You know, that you give your best, when you have a sure confident feeling in your heart, that you exactly do, what you know in that very moment. Acting according our knowledge is not easy at all! It requires serious pondering and active reflecting all the time, even in time of rest. That doesn’t mean, that we have to freak out or feel overwhelmed about what would be the best to do. Just do simply what you think is the best thing to do. One question I ask myself in such situations, that really helps to fulfill my promise to always stand as a witness of Jesus Christ that I gave to God when I was baptized, is this one: “What would Jesus do?”. Dear family and friends, I can promise you, if you ask yourself this questions in your daily life decisions, it will help you to decide for the better and finally then over time to have this feeling of, giving the very best in the very moment. To have that feeling is a process. You only gain it over time, when you act persistently according to your knowledge and the knowledge you gain of course.

I think, we get this good feeling, because by doing this, we actually fulfill our purpose of life. In the Book of Mormon one verse says:

2. Nephi 2:25
25 Adam fell that men might be; and men are, that they might have joy.

While studying around the topic of joy in the Book of Mormon you will find out, that joy in that context is that great feeling in your heart when you give your very best and follow the commandments with all your heart, might, mind and strength! Dear friends, if we do this; helping other people and working hard for the goodness of others suddenly gets freaking awesome!

we were invited to an activity from my new ward and we ate Shashlik! Mhm!



well actually I didn’t eat any, because I still don’t eat meat, but that’s an other post! πŸ˜‰
I just made myself something good πŸ™‚


some cool fire pictures



int he night we had some great lightening over Kiev!




Dear family and friends! Give your very best in the very moment and enjoy it! πŸ˜€ I miss you so much!

Love, Elder Drewlow from Kiev


2 Thoughts.

  1. Die Bilder sprechen BΓ€nde! Du scheinst eine riesige Freude zu haben im Dienst des Herrn! πŸ™‚
    Mission ist was du daraus machst!
    Weiterhin viel Freude und Erfolg. Ich hoffe, du kannst jeden Tag, die Hand des Herrn erkennen.
    Liebe Grüße,

    • Danke dir Manuella!
      Die Arbeit hier ist wirklich wunderbar πŸ™‚ Freut mich, dass du mitliest und Freude hast! Die Hand des Herrn sehen wir auf wunderbare Art und Weise jeden Tag. Gerne erinnere ich an unsere Zeit im EFY, du als unsere Betreuerinn bist mir ein grosses Vorbild. Danke!

      Gruss aus der schoenen Ukraine, Elder Drewlow

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