Find the lost sheep

Hello dear friends!
This has been an amazing week! I moved to another area, to the other side of Kyiv, near the beautiful Temple 🙂
It was super hard to leave the other area, even though I was only there for six weeks. (usually you stay there for 12 or more) We had a really good time with members and helped a lot of people, knowing more about our faith. We shared with them our testimonies, scriptures, stories from life, or just lifted them up with a smile 😀

This week I watched a bible video that I really liked! The church produces those videos about the life of Jesus Christ, to illustrate the great example of Him better.
It is about carying for loved ones, that have fallen away from the right path, feel alone or need help. Please think about someone you can reach out to and lift up and rescue 🙂

I can’t upload any pictures this time. Hopefully next week 😉

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