Eine Sonne mir im Herzen scheint

An der General-Konferenz vor zwei Wochen sangen wir eines meiner Lieblingslieder! 😀
Auf der Webseite der Kirche www.lds.org findet ihr alle Videos der Ansprachen und Lieder.
Während wir das Lied sangen, spürte ich, wie eine Sonne in meinem Herzen schien und heute noch scheint. Ich möchte das Video mit euch teilen und hoffe, es berührt euer Herz. 🙂
Two weeks ago we sang one of my favorite hymns on General Conference. On the website of the church www.lds.org you can find all talks and hymns videos. As we sang the hymn, I felt a sun shining in my heart, as it still shines. I want to share the video with you and hope, it touches your heart.

Gruss, Elder Drewlow
Best wishes, Elder Drewlow

2 Thoughts.

  1. The Song sounds pretty nice!

    I’m not sorry about beeing known to you Josh, but it’s a hard hit to get first known about your “mission” (I don’t belief in Jesus or Church, I really don’t like it at all…). Even didn’t know before that you belief to god, and at least not in that weight. But I really like you and so I wish you the very best for your way, no matter which direction you go…

    All the best

    • I’m so sorry, that you have to hear that over my blog and not from myself. I should have been more open to all my friends before my mission. Thank you for your comment. I hope we still can be friends 🙂

      Well I don’t know who you are, but I wish you the same!
      Всего Доброго
      ст. древлов

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