Church History and the Salt Lake City Temple

Hi friends! Because of international readers, this blog will be continued in English. Hurray! And probably in Russian also (we heard in Russian the people love blogging!).
Last Friday all the international were able to go on a one day trip to the Salt Lake City Temple! I was very excited, because the most important events in Church History happened on that place. First we did an Endowment Session and after this we had a tour on the Temple Square and then we visited the Humanitarian Center (more in an other blogpost).

The one hour drive from the MTC to the Temple was very interesting. A “tour guide” talked about the most important/interesting events and shared some stories. For me the time was very spiritual, to be exactly at that place, where all that things happened which I learned before. I felt the Holy Ghost very strong and he testified me, that all this things really happened 🙂
If you want to find more about the Church History read here. A lot of information you can find on Just search right in the top for ‘church history’.

Ok here, the pictures from the tour:

Salt Lake City Temple




A model from the inside of the temple (the temple inside is very beautiful!).


In the museum beside the temple you can read a lot about the history, the construction, etc. The early church members needed 40 years to build the temple, which is very impressing!



Beside the temple their is a small chapel, where some of the first Sunday Sacrament Meetings were held.


Beside the Chapel is the Tabernacle Choir with the impressive pipe organ, which has 11’623 pipes.


And beside the Tabernacle Choir their is the Church Visitor Center, where you can read much about the Life of Jesus Christ and the model of Jerusalem.


The Jesus statue


On the other side of the street is the big Conference Center from the Church. Sadly we couldn’t go inside, because it was closed that day 🙁


After the Temple visit we drove to the Humanitarian Center. More in text post 😉

I love you all!
Greetings from Provo!

Elder Drewlow

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