Center Odessa

Dear Family, dear friends
How I said, this year is amazing! Can you feel it? I do! This year great things will change! I just can feel it!

First things first: New record on the Potemkin stairs: 35x, 1x = up and down a 200 steps
the last five times I was running for honoring all the amazing prophets in the Book of Mormon and all the people they gave their all mind, strength or life for this book!



This past week was amazing! We had an amazing combined (with missionaries from the other branch) district meeting and we just got more pumped, to do missionary work.
A short message with my dictaphone 🙂

Here some pictures from our week

We had a three hour service, we helped cleaning the branch building 🙂


Beautiful sunset in Tairova (not center)


Potemkin stairs 🙂



right next to there, there is a Swiss bike shop! 😀


nice view from the top



some pictures from Center Odessa




The project was on Saturday, the rest of the picture were taken on Monday (our P-day) 🙂
That was one of our greatest pdays ever! On pday we prepare for the week, buy stuff, email or do some recreational stuff. In the Center we bought some cool stuff on the market and talked a lot with people there.

Have a great week my friends!

With love
Elder Drewlow

P.S. this following article was published in the Liahona a few weeks ago:

Liahona 2.2104

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