About me


Hi! My name is Joshua Christian Drewlow and the owner of this photoblog.

drewjosh is a mix of the first 4 letters of my name and surname. People usually call me josh or yoshi.

I love pictures! Since I’m a child I’m amazed of pictures and the stories they have to tell! lenseLooking at pictures of my grandparents and listening about their adventurous life stories always made me feel so excited and wondered to one day maybe have the same joy. Over time, taking pictures became a wonderful hobby to capture beautiful moments. I also like to try out new stuff. It fascinates me to capture a moment of reality with all it’s beauty in less than a second. I found that taking pictures from or with people can be a great way to connect, express appreciation and laugh together. Even though those are probably the most precious pictures I take, rarely I will publish them here, to protect their identity/respect. But I will put them in photo albums 🙂