8th week in the MTC

Hallihallo! The time here is passing so fast! We are in our 8th week now and we are leaving next week! We got our flight plans, we got our Russian name tags and we are studying as hard as we can!


In the MTC I found a picture from Switzerland 😀


Our classroom from the hall


Yesterday we received our Russian name tags!


My companion and me 🙂


Well, dear friends, this is the last post from here in the MTC. Next greetings will come from Kiev Ukraine. On the November 12th we will depart from Amsterdam Airport to Kiev 🙂 You can wave me if you want, it’s that blue Airplane 😀

I hope you all do very well! 1000 Thanks for all the pictures and letters you send me 🙂

In love, Elder Drewlow

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