Before Christmas – always exciting

Hello dear friends and family! 😀

I love the time before christmas! Despite the fact, that everybody probably has the most stress during this time, it is one of the most beautiful times in the year. There is this atmosphere in the air of love, care and joy 🙂 Time around thanksgiving was crazy here 😛 Americans really know how to make that day amazing with a lot of good food, enough for one or two weeks 😛

This week we got two new missionaries in the office, which are replacing the old two. Yeah!!! 😀 So much other stuff happeened here 🙂

Kyiv Ukraine Temple in it’s snow dress
We had a CPR training and after that we teach others how to do it almost every Tuesday 🙂
the new missionaries that came in with their trainers
after thanksgiving lunch 🙂 hmmmm
good bye cake for the Talley’s
last picture, saying goodbye
Fireside with Elder Klebingat about self reliance

Have a great week and enjoy the snow!
Elder Drewlow 😀