When simple things suddenly become amazing

Dear family and friends!
Incredible how fast the times go! I have been here in Ukraine now almost a year! 😀
Here some pictures from the last two weeks 🙂

This week we saw a lot of small little miracles and experienced how God uses his missionaries to bless other people. Last week we had stake conference, with all members here in Kyiv. That was so cool to see so many friends again and enjoy the wonderful feeling of unity, listening to the speakers and write down thoughts and feelings. For me it is really important, that I know on what I am working right now and where I am going. The gospel of Jesus Christ teaches us to act and to use our agency to choose righteous things. Oh how glorious is our joy, when we choose godly things, just because we want to! When we do this, we prepare ourselves to receive the blessings of God. Since the last, about two years I felt an increase of “seeing” more blessings in my life. Simple things suddenly seem more amazing and bring greater joy to our soul! How can this be? I think, that this is because we are so worldly people and it needs some time to see things out of the perspective, like God does. Daily and sincere repentance, prayer, scripture study help us to see the things that really matter and that are really important. One of the more important things for me in this life is my relationship with our Heavenly Father and with Jesus Christ. That gives me so much hope, love and joy in my heart, that I want to share it with everybody! Following the commandments with full purpose of heart, opens our hearts to feel the powerful love God has for His children!
To find joy in small things, we should stay a step back from what we are doing and ask us if that really gives us happiness; Now and on long-term.
Now here the pictures 🙂
stake conference, our Missionpresident Packer spoke too 😀
a picture from the missionaries in the area I just left two weeks ago
My new companion Elder Hess 😀
all the missionaries that serve right now here
last saturday we had a Mormon Helping Hands project, cleaning up a park

What a wonderful time 🙂 I like, when the nature changes it’s clothes like this 😀
Have an amazing week and rock your life!
Elder Drewlow

Find the lost sheep

Hello dear friends!
This has been an amazing week! I moved to another area, to the other side of Kyiv, near the beautiful Temple 🙂
It was super hard to leave the other area, even though I was only there for six weeks. (usually you stay there for 12 or more) We had a really good time with members and helped a lot of people, knowing more about our faith. We shared with them our testimonies, scriptures, stories from life, or just lifted them up with a smile 😀

This week I watched a bible video that I really liked! The church produces those videos about the life of Jesus Christ, to illustrate the great example of Him better.
It is about carying for loved ones, that have fallen away from the right path, feel alone or need help. Please think about someone you can reach out to and lift up and rescue 🙂

I can’t upload any pictures this time. Hopefully next week 😉

The coolest event in the world!

My favorite event of the year took place last weekend and guess what!? Our former Missionpresident Elder Klebingat gave an amazing talk about confidence before God. I love General Conference, because there is this amazing feeling in the air, when servants of the Lord meet together and counsel us how to better apply the Gospel of Jesus Christ better in our life and how we can find true happiness by following God’s commandments.

Dear friends 😉 your happiness is in your hands. Every day you choose how you feel, you choose how you to react and what you do! When we stop blaming our circumstances and focus on the needs of the people around us, that brings us true and eternal happiness! Enjoy the talk!

Link to all the talks of General Conference October 2014

Prophet Thomas S. Monson speaking live 🙂

our appartment picture 😀

our ward building

we love Preach my Gospel! (a guide to help missionaries and members doing missionary work)

Have a great week and really try to do our best to CHOOSE GOOD THINGS! I promise you, that ss you focus on the needs of the people around you, that there will be more light in your life and more enjoy even hard times! I love you!
Elder Drewlow