You choose how happy you are

Dear family and friends!

This has been a great week! We had a sweet time doing the Lord’s work in the way that he wants it to do. We reach down, lift up, give people hope and show them the path to everlasting joy 🙂
No matter how hard the situation is that our are in, it is our perspective and attitude that defines our happiness. This week I had a great experience, that showed me, how that works! Someone was criticizing me, and I was very annoyed, because I already was so tired. I prayed for help and immediately to my mind popped to ask for help for something we can do together in the future. That immediately changed the atmosphere of our conversation and I thought how sweet God helps us to be happy. 😀

God, our Heavenly Father gives us commandments and principles that WE MAY ACT AND BE HAPPY FROM THE CHOICES WE MAKE. It is all in our hand. He prepare all the blessings for us, we have to act and reach out for them!

Some pictures 🙂


on a datcha, outside of Kiev, everybody has one! here they spend the most of their freetime and get there vegetables and fruits 🙂



conference with the missionaries in our area, kiev west
preparing Vareniki 😀
My comp and me in Vishivankas(traditional ukrainian dress) 🙂



Happy Independance Day Ukraine (sunday, we celebrated with the ward on saturday)! Slava Ukraini!

Have a great week and always give your best! 😉 That makes us really happy and puts us in a position to be actors!
Elder Drewlow

This is beautiful ukraine!

Some pictures we took an a beautiful morning this week 🙂 We went jogging early in the morning by a lake near our apartment. Enjoy!







This is something else than usual missionary work 😀 dropping of a letter with brownies and an article from the Liahona (by the way the new one is super awesome)!

Enjoy your week and follow the counsel of Jesus:

Luke 22:32
32 But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren.

Have a great week! 😀
Elder Drewlow